Explore our premium Teaware collection, featuring aged and premium Zisha teapots, clay teacups, Tenmoku teacups, ceramics, and more. Each piece is carefully selected from revered artists and tea masters in Asia, known for their creativity, passion, and dedication to enhancing the tea-sipping experience.

Zisha Teapots & Cups

Discover a diverse range of Zisha Teapots and cups. Zisha mining was banned in 2006, making this teaware highly sought after in the tea market. All items are meticulously handmade by Chinese pottery masters.

Tenmoku Teacups

Our selection of Tenmoku teacups, inspired by the Song Dynasty tea ware style, has gained popularity. These cups are exclusively handmade by Taiwanese artists who played a pivotal role in reviving this style around a decade ago.

Clay Cups

Explore our assortment of rich mineral clay cups, perfect for black and dark tea varieties. They offer an excellent alternative to high-end Zisha products.

All our teaware is lovingly crafted by local artists, ensuring each piece enhances your tea-drinking experience with aesthetic beauty and functionality.

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