Loose Leaf Puerh

Explore Loose Leaf Puerh Tea for sale. Aged & newly plucked harvest options available. Sourced only from trusted farmers who maintain high-quality harvesting techniques and storage facilities.

Most Loose Leaf Puerh tea is Aged Puerh. Traditionally, most Puerh farmers harvested their teas in loose leaf form and sold them to local customers as such. This was done for both taste preservation and the lack of need to transport Puerh across long distances.

Over the years, Puerh tea cakes, bricks and compressed balls that resemble large mushroom shapes begs to be the mainstream form of packaging. Taking Puerh leaves and compressing them into smaller and tighter units saves money and allows more to be shipped. This, however, has drastically reduced the amount of loose form Puerh Tea on the market unless tea vendors manually cut the teas.

Out selection includes a variety of Puerh that was packaged and shipped in original loose form. Such selections include Gongting Puerh and Mini Tuo Cha Puerh. We also provide Puerhs that we manually and carefully cut from tea cake form into loose formats. Such efforts are a labor intensive process.

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